GPS/ 3G трекер

Our "ultra high GPS/GSM sensitivity" trackers enable you to track even if it has been placed in a hidden position.
We provide a variety of hardware and software solutions for

 Asset /Container TrackingMU201S2
 Fleet Management: GS-819

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 Marine Use Products / Customized Antenna

GPS/ 3G Vehicle Tracker

GPS/ 3G Vehicle Tracker

With Cinterion® EHS6 3G module and SiRF Star IV GPS Receiver. Opened I/Os are provided for sensors and relays
GPS/3G Pets/Asset Tracker

GPS/3G Pets/Asset Tracker

◎ Support 3G UMTS/HSPA for worldwide operation & GSM/(E)GPRS
◎ Low power consumption and Smart power management, can be connected to external DC power or battery
◎ Built-in digital accelerometer will detect the movement of the MU201-S2.
◎ SOS alarm function when panic key is pressed
◎ Compact and robust enclosure.